BeneHeart R12 12-channel ECG unit 1x1 items

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BeneHeart R12 12-channel ECG unit 1x1 items

Modern ECG device with Glasgow algorithm

BeneHeart R12 provides a high level of safety. Thanks to the continuous development of the world-renowned Glasgow algorithm, which has proven itself for more than 40years, ECG analyses succeed at the very highest level.

Stable, clean and accurate ECG waveforms ensure superior ECG data quality and enable faster processing. In addition, the exemplary visualisation of results facilitates diagnosis and treatment.

Reliable analysis
Digital pacemaker detection provides reliable reports onatrial, ventricular and A-V sequential pacing modes without selectingthe sensitivity of the pacemaker detection. Significant arrhythmia investigation is supported by adding a printout after one minute in automatic ECG mode.

Little paper, high efficiency
Paperless proceduresare an important option of the BeneHeart R12. They enable faster patient examinations and save expensive ECG paper.

- Clear interpretation of the 12-lead ECG
- 8" TFT screen with high resolution (800 x 480)
- Control panel with function keys and keyboard
- 4.9 kg weight,
- PDF and XML storage format, 800 ECGs in internal memory
- Patient data management
- Thermal printer, paper type: A4 printer paper
- USBport and network connection,
- Power supply unit, LioIon battery
- Instruction manual


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