HEINE BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope 2.5V 1x1 items

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HEINE BETA® 200S Ophthalmoscope 2.5V 1x1 items

The unique dust-tight design protects the precision optics and allowsmaintenance-free use. The BETA 200 / 200S ophthalmoscopes are the only ones with an aluminium support element. The optical components are integrated flush into a cast aluminium frame, preventing decentration and making the instrument resistant to impact. XHL xenon halogen lamp with bright illumination and authentic colour rendering.

The BETA 200S ophthalmoscope has a Rekoss lens with 28 individual lenses that prevents higher refractive error. 74 one-diopter steps on the non-continuous lens wheel prevent extreme dioptric jumps (-36D to +38D).

Unique stepless brightness control between 100% and 3% (patent pending) with one-finger operation.

No stray light thanks to the recessed, multi-coated viewing window # for reliable diagnosis.

- Precise operation of the instrument with one hand. The ergonomic design offers flexibility during the examination.

- can be used for both dilated and non-dilated pupils.

- the ergonomic shape comfortably fits the orbit and shields ambient light.