seca 799 electronic column scale 1x1 items

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seca 799 electronic column scale 1x1 items

The seca 799 personal scale is an electric column scale with a variety of intelligent functions.

A BMI, hold and tare function, as well as an optional measuring rod make these versatile personal scales the ideal standard diagnostic device in hospitals and medical practices. Thanks to the transport wheels and power supply by means of batteries, the medical scales are location-independent and easy to transport.
- Column scales with tare, hold and BMI function
- Weighing capacity: up to 200 kg
- low-maintenance and energy-saving thanks to automatic switch-off function
- easy to move thanks to transport wheels
- Optional height measuring rod (Seca 220 / 224) for time-saving recording ofheight and weight in just one step.

Seca 799 personal scales have all the essential functions that are needed every day in practices andclinics. The tare function of the solid personal scale compensates for any additional weights that are not to be included in the weighing result. A practical hold function makes the standing scales a reliable and helpful inventory, as it keeps the determined weighing data available even after the scales have been unloaded. This means that the patient can be cared for first and the weighing result documented afterwards without any loss of data.

The precise and functional Seca columnscale can be upgraded to an all-rounder with the Seca 220 or 224 measuring rod, which not only makes weight and nutritional status available, but also shows the patient's height in just one step. In this way, Seca personal scales save valuable time and still provide accurate patient data.

Technical details of the Seca 799 column scales
- Capacity: 200 kg
- Graduation: 100 g < 150 kg > 200 g
- Scale dimensions:294 x 831 x 417 mm
- Dead weight: 6.3 kg
- Power supply: Batteries / optional: mains adapter
- Functions of the personal scale: Tare, hold, BMI function, weighing range switchover,
- automatic switch-off