seca 877 flat scale mother-child function 1x1 items

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seca 877 flat scale mother-child function 1x1 items

Scales for mobile use in medicine must be light, stable, easy to clean and comfortable.

The seca 877 personal scale confirms this with aweight of less than 4 kilograms, robust materials.

Excellent surface hardness
The base is made of a mixture of plastic and Plexiglas. Acombination that ensures a material with extreme surface hardness andimpact resistance that can be cleaned with all commercially availabledisinfectants.

In addition, the seca 877 bathroom scales are reinforced with steel elements so that people weighing up to 200 kilograms can be weighed.

Stable on all surfaces.
Four large levelling feet under the weighing base ensure that the seca 877 bathroom scales standsecurely even on difficult surfaces. A measure that also increases the measuring accuracy.

Equally important is the low height of the scale of less than six centimetres. This is because the flat design ensures that even people with restricted mobility can step on the non-sliptread surface without any problems.

Comfortable to operate.
Although the display and control element is integrated in the scale, the seca 877 bathroom scales are easy to operate. To switch on, all you haveto do is briefly tap the tread surface.
Infants and small children can also be weighed easily on the arm of a parent or carer. To do this,the adult only has to weigh him/herself separately beforehand. Taringof the weight is done by the mother-child function, which can be operated at the touch of a button.

- Calibration class III
- Mother and child function
- Tip-on automatic switch-on
- automatic switch-off
- Power supply: Batteries
- Maximum load: 200 kg
- Digit increments: 100 g up to150 kg, 200 g from 150 kg
- Dimensions: 321 x60 x 356 mm
- Dimensions (platform): 288 x 60 x 278 mm
- Own weight: approx. 4.2 kg
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