Bacteria virus filter 1x50 items

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Bacteria virus filter 1x50 items

BVF Bacteria-Virus-Filter with mouthpiece

To protect against cross-infection, a bacteria-virus-filter is to be used for inspiratory measurements.

99.999 % filtration efficiency (TBC, MRSA, Influenza, HN1, SARS-CoV-2/-1 etc.)

- Reliable infection control at low test costs
- Integrated mouthpiece for adults and children
- Low counter-pressure (outperforms ATS standard)
- Very powerful also at high flow rates
- Cleaning interval of the spirometer is extended
- Adapter for spirometers of other manufacturers available
- For Vitalograph Pneumotrac and Alpha
- Suitable for spirometers from Vitalograph, Micro Medical, MIR, Cosmed, Vistec, Clement Clarke