hyclick® preparation dispenser Vario for 500 ml / 1 litre 1x1 items

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hyclick® preparation dispenser Vario for 500 ml / 1 litre 1x1 items

hyclick® – Vario dispenser for a high level of hygiene

Schülke hyclick® offers a new standard for high hygiene requirements. The biggest difference to previous systems in the hygiene sector is the fixed connection of pump and bottle. The closed hyclick® systemis inserted into the dispenser with a click and can be used immediately.

The first-break and transport protection of the bottles significantly increases their safety.
The dosage can be set to 1.5 ml or 3 ml. The long arm lever makes hygienic dispensing no problem, and thedrip tray catches any liquid that may drip down. After emptying, the bottle and pump, which are firmly connected by a non-removal screw cap, are replaced by a new bottle with a new pump. The non-removal screw cap prevents the pump from being used again. The reprocessing of the hyclick®
dispenser is no longer necessary. The entire system can be cleaned with minimal effort thanks to the rounded design. The hyclick® dispenser can be mounted on common wall mounting plates.

The hyclick® dispenser system meets high hygiene standards and is easy to use.

The hyclick® dispenser Vario is suitable for both 500 ml and 1000 ml bottles. Previous bottles cannot be used in the hyclick® system.

Advantages of the hyclick® dispenser system:

  • the preparation of the dispenser is not necessary

  • Pump and bottle are firmly connected with each bottle change both are disposed of

  • Quick bottle change with just one "click"

  • Effective protection against contamination

  • Minimal cleaning effort due to rounded design

  • for 500 ml and 1000 ml hyclick® bottles

  • Dosiermenge einstellbar 1,5 ml oder 3 ml

  • Easy mounting on common wall mounting plates

  • Drip tray catches dripping liquid

Advantages of the hyclick® bottle:

  • Pump and bottle form a firmly connected unit

  • With first-break and transport lock for more safety

  • non-removal screw cap prevents reuse of the pump

  • Optimum protectionagainst contamination

  • Fulfils the DGKH/RKI recommendations


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