Kohrsolin® FF Gewebe Flowpack 1x80

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Kohrsolin® FF Gewebe Flowpack 1x80

Aldehyde-containing disinfection wipes for prophylactic surface disinfection

- Ready-to-use disinfectant wipes (impregnating solution Kohrsolin FF 1.0%)
- effective against murine noroviruses (MNV)
- excellent wetting and cleaning
- low residue
- space-saving storage
- high-quality, soft and fluffy wipes
- patented system solution: optimal release of active ingredient during disinfection
- good material compatibility
- safe and easy removal of individual wipes from resealable packaging thanks to practical wipe folding system
- Cloth size: 180 x 200mm
- Shelf life after opening: 3 months

The information relates to the 1% Kohrsolin FF tear solution: glutaral 0.5 mg/g; benzyl-C12-18-alkyl-dimenthylammonium chloride 0.3 mg/g; didecyldimenthylammoinium chloride 0.3 mg /g.

Kohrsolin® FF Tissues are suitable for uncomplicated disinfecting cleaning of washable surfaces.