Overshoe Impervious white Size: universal 1x150 items

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Overshoe Impervious white Size: universal 1x150 items

VWR Maximum SF shoe covers are the cleanest and most durable within the entire VWR clothing line. Made from spunbonded polypropylene fabric(SPP), with breathable polyethylene film coating, these garments havebeen designed to optimise barrier protection, cleanliness and comfortproperties.

- Non skid
- Fluid and particle impervious, sealed seams to repel water
- Superior friction coefficient to ensure maximum traction
- Maximum skid resistance on wet and smooth surfaces
- Clean, low linting fabric

Tested and manufactured in an ISO certified facility under stringent process controls. Lot-controlled and validatedthrough independent laboratory testing.

Length: 394 mm (U)