Sterillium® Virugard 1x100 ml

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Sterillium® Virugard 1x100 ml

Sterillium® Virugard
Highly effective virucidal hand disinfectant. RKI-listed.
For all areas of risk
particularly effective against enveloped and non-enveloped viruses
RKI recommendation for Noroviruses
colourant- and fragrance-free
Active substances:
Ethanol (99 %) 95.0 g.

Spectrum of activity:
Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal,limited virucidal (incl. HBV, HIV, HCV), virucidal.
Effective against herpes simplex-, Adeno-, Polyoma-, Polio- and Rotavirus.
BfArM (German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices) Reg.-No. 13814.00.00.
RKI list field A /B, VAH, IHO virucidal list.

Fields of application:
For hygienic and surgical rub-in handdisinfection. Especially for work fields with an increased risk of infection (infection stations, units for intensive care medicine, dialysis units), injury care centres, outpatient departments, laboratories. Sterillium® Virugard is the first alcoholic hand disinfectant that is tested and approved for the prevention of virus diseases (Scope B). Asfor its utmost residue freedom, also particularly suited for the foodprocessing and pharmaceutical industry.

Rub in undiluted Sterillium® Virugard into dry hands, cover all skin areas. Pay particularly attention to the fingertips and thumbs. Hands must be kept moistduring the whole application time with Sterillium® Virugard.