desderman® pure 1x500 ml

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desderman® pure 1x500 ml

Colourant- and fragrance-free alcoholic application preparation for the hygienic and surgical hand disinfection.

- due to the ethanol content with pronounced microbicidal and virucidal effectiveness
- limited virucidal PLUS within the hygienic hand disinfection according to EN
- deactivation of noroviruses in 15 sec. (Test virus: Murines Norovirus)
- the Plus effect for skin protection and care due to proven refatting system
- colourant- and fragrance-free, therefore, especially skin-friendly

Fields of application
hygienic hand disinfection: Rub 3 ml desderman® pure into the dry hands for 30 s.
surgical hand disinfection: Rub in a sufficient amount of desderman® pure into the hands and forearms for 90 s.

Application information
desderman® pureis used undiluted. During the application time for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection, desderman® pure must be applied so that hands or hands and forearms are well moistened for the whole application time.

- IHO list
- VAH certificate
- RKI list

Product data
100 g solution contain: Active substance: 78.2 g Ethanol 96 %, 0.1 g Biphenyl-2-ol. Other substances: Povidone 30, Isopropyl myristate (Ph.Eur.), (Hexadecyl/octadecyl) (2-ethylhexanoate), Sorbitol solution 70 % (crystallising) (Ph.Eur.), 2-Propanol (Ph. Eur.), purified water.

Only for external application. Avoid contact with the eyes. If accidental eye contact occurs, flush with lots of water with eyelids openfor several minutes.
Keep medicine out of reach of children.
Highlyflammable! Keep away from open flames or switched-on heat sources.
Do not use after the date of expiry or for more than 18 months after breaking the seal of the container. Please be aware of the expiry date of the dispenser manufacturer when using preparations in dispenser systems.