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INTERMED Rapid disinfection 1x1 l

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  • HTN: BN-311-010
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INTERMED Rapid disinfection 1x1 l

Highly effective, ready-to-use, alcoholic rapid disinfection.
Discolouring almost impossible due to the aldehyde-free formulation of the infiltration fluid.
- aldehyde- and phenol-free
- with fresh fragrance

Fields of application/Handling
Acc. to MPG: Aldehyde-free disinfection and cleaning of alcohol-resistant non-invasive medical products.
Acc. to regulation for biocidal products: For disinfection and cleaning of alcohol-resistant surfaces. Do not use on alcohol-sensitive surfaces (Acrylic glass).
Application tip: To avoid too severe indoor air contamination by alcohol, give INTERMED rapid disinfection into a disposable wipe and wipe the surfaces with appropriate wetting.

100 g solution contains: Ethanol 42.0 g;
Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 0.05 g;

Micro biological effect
- bactericidal (incl. Tbc, MRSA)
- levurocidal
- limited virucidal (HBV, HIV, HCV, BVDV, Vaccinia) as well as Rota-, Noro-Viruses (MNV) inactivating

Concentration and application times
bactericidal (incl. MRSA), levurocidal acc. to VAH (listed in the 5 min. column):
conc. 1 min; tuberculocidal: conc. 1 min;
limited virucidal acc. to RKI recommendation incl. BVDV, HCV, HBV, HIV,
Vaccinia-/Influenza-Viruses: conc. 30 s;
Rota-Viruses: conc. 1 min;
Noro-Viruses (MNV): conc. 5 min

Listing and authorisation
bAuA (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health): Reg.-No.: N-33304, VAH-listed