Urgosterile 50 x 70 mm 1x50 items

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Urgosterile 50 x 70 mm 1x50 items
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Urgosterile 50 x 70 mm 1x50 items

Sterile wound dressing, for post-operative wounds, crosswise stretchable, white, in a peel bag

Urgosterile is a breathable, supple and sterile wound dressing for post-operative wounds. It is completely adhesive, very skin-friendly and can be removed gently from the skin without adhesive residue. The special protective non-woven fabric prevents sticking to the wound and, therefore, ensures that the wound healing process is not disturbed by a dressing change.

Carrier material: white polyester non-woven fabric

Adhesive: Polyacrylate adhesive

Wound pad: made of polyester and viscose with a protective non-woven fabric made of polyethylene

Fields of application:
particularly sensitive skin, for post-operative wound care, but also for sterile treatment of small injuries and to cover puncture points

Further characteristics:
crosswise stretchable, high skin tolerability and completely adhesive. Sterilised with ethylene oxid.

Only for single-use.
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