B.Braun Intrafix® SafeSet 180 cm 100x1 items

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B.Braun Intrafix® SafeSet 180 cm 100x1 items

"For the economic implementation of infusions and enhanced safety of the application. Special infusion device with ventilation for pressureand gravity infusions.

Enhanced safety and application comfort dueto protection against air infusions and automatic ventilation.

- AirStop: The unique filter membrane acts as a barrier; the ingress of air into the connection line is prevented

- PrimeStop: The protection cap with integrated liquid-repellent membrane prevents the infusion solutions from escaping
- Sharp spike:
- Easy insertion also for hanging containers
- Residue-free emptying of the infusion solution container
- Bacteria-proof ventilation, can be closed with euro cap, green
- Handy drip chamber design with highly transparent sight glass
- Drip chamber top perfect for clamping an infusion pump drop sensor Free-standing, prolonged dropper for even drop formation, 20 drops are 1 ml ± 0.1 ml (Aqua dist.)
- Flexible pump chamber with high liquid level, quickly and easy adjustable
- 15 µm filter protects against largeparticulates
- Roll clamp in DIN-safety colour ""orange” with spike holding for more security during disposal
- Pressure resistant 2 bar:Suitable for the use with infusion pumps designed for 3 x 4.1 mm hoses (List on request)
- Lock connector
- DEHP-free

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