Nitril Sensory® blue Handschuhe blau Größe XL 1x200 items

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Nitril Sensory® blue Handschuhe blau Größe XL 1x200 items

Nitrile examination glove for single use. Blue, powder-free, latex-free, non-sterile, textured, rolled edge, ambidextrous fit.

Length: min. 240 mm
Width: 110 mm

Nitrile, potassium hydroxide, aqua wax, zinc oxide, ZDEC, ZDBC, sulfur, titanium dioxide, antifoam EPL.
Free of: MBT and thiurams

Surface treatment:
Online chlorinated (single)

Shelf life:
5 years when stored according to the product: store in a cool and dry place, avoid temperatures below 10 °C and above 30 °C, protect from ultraviolet radiation such as direct sunlight or oxidizing agents.

Quality certificates:
- EN ISO 13485:2016
- 93/42/EEC / EEC: Class I medical device regulation.
- Regulation(EU) 2016/425: PPE cat. III (for further information see primary packaging)
- Food conformity according to EC regulation / 1935/2004

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