HEINE BETA® 200 Ophthalmoscope M2, 3.5 V 1x1 items

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HEINE BETA® 200 Ophthalmoscope M2, 3.5 V 1x1 items

The HEINE BETA 200 M2 Ophthalmoscope 3.5V:

- Reflex-free optics
-Optimal for small pupils
- Dustproof

The ophthalmoscope with unique aspherical optics and all the features of the BETA 200, but with fixation star diaphragm without polar coordinates and point diaphragm instead of small circular diaphragm.

Correction range:
+ in 1 D steps: 1-10 15 20 40 D
- in 1 D steps: 1-10 15 20 25 35 D

HEINE's patented "Aspherical Optical System" (AOS) eliminates light reflections, optimises the usable illumination on the back of the eye and thereby provides a uniquely large, bright and high contrast retinal image.

Filter selection:

Red-free filter
Fixation star without polar coordinates
Blue filter
large circle

- Unique optical system. HEINE realises the Gullstrand principle in an ideal way. Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated. Even with narrow pupils the illuminated retinal area is fully visible.

- XHL Xenon Halogen Technology: High illuminance.
- Deep coated viewing window: No incidence of secondary light.
- Dust-proof housing: No cleaning necessary.
- Optical components mounted on metal support elements: Long service life, consistently high optical precision.
- Ergonomic design: Instrument always fits snugly in the orbit.
- 6 light field diaphragms with separately switchable interference red-free filter: Instrument suitable for narrow and wide pupils, slit ophthalmoscopy, fixation test and fluorescence ophthalmoscopy. Contrast-enhancing red-free light can be used with any aperture.
- Correction range: Sharp image even with severe refractive anomalies.
- Soft orbital support. Protects the examiner's glasses and provides a secure hold